Wealth Creation – Finding a Commercial Property with Problems

Higher investment returns can be obtained for a potential investor looking to buy commercial property with a problem that needs fixing. This could be a property that needs some minor refurbishment, an imminent Lease expiry, or a tenant seeking to downsize.

The wealth creation strategy is to seek out properties with a problem that requires solving. This can come in many different forms, albeit with a risk element, but importantly with the ability to create and deliver an innovative solution. The desired outcome is to immediately add value, and produce a great outcome.

In many cases the ‘plain vanilla’ property investments – commercial properties sold with a long lease in place, with minor, or no issues to solve, will not add value. As there is limited capacity to create capital growth in this environment.

How do you take time out of running a business to do all this as well? Wouldn’t you like an expert to do it for you? Call the Intercommercial Property Group. They will assist you with various options for a wealth creation strategy.

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