Disaster Scenario - Purchasing the Wrong Property

What if you purchase a property that is not suitable for your business.

This happens more often than you think.

Some companies do not consider future business operations or expansion, and are locked into a property with no flexibility whatsoever. Basically the property is a dud.

Intercommercial Property prevents this from occurring by undertaking an extensive Needs Analysis with the client, to future proof the business.

How do you take time out of running a business to do all this as well? Wouldn’t you like an expert to do it for you?

Call the Intercommercial Property Group. They will compare the costs of various property options over the life of the proposed lease, including pre-lease cost obligations such as fitout, relocation costs, make good etc.

Contact Intercommercial Property Group today. They will take the headache out of moving industrial premises by advising you on the ideal space for your business.

M: 0418 129 299

E: pflynn@icpg.com.au

W: www.icpg.com.au

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