How to Avoid Hidden Leasing Costs

What I would like to share with you, is that I have seen many companies really struggle with their decision to rent a suitable property. You have to penetrate the fog in the commercial property market and the vested interests. This will reduce risk, and save time and money.

After salaries, the second highest business cost are the rental costs for leasing a premises. In many cases the total cost of occupancy over the term of a proposed lease, is not fully understood, or calculated. Various additional costs such as outgoings, parking, fitout costs and make good, together with leasing incentives, are not factored into the decision making and evaluation process.

The key is to identify expected cashflows associated with a renting a property. Accurately estimating the cashflows from a business, budgeting and operational perspective is essential, when comparing different properties under consideration.

If you are thinking of moving, then now is a great time to plan the move, to ensure the best outcome for your business. Feel free to call me on 0418 129 299 for a brief chat, or obtain a market update. w:

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