Selecting the Best Selling Agent

Thinking of selling your property?

Most people focus on the price that the property will sell for and the agent’s fee.

A critical factor that is often overlooked is the real estate agent’s selling strategy. This should achieve the best sale price within an acceptable timeframe.

Often emotion takes over and a realistic sale strategy is not considered.

The best way to find an experienced sales professional is to interview 3 agents and ask them the following questions:

  • What comparable sales evidence is available within 1 – 3 kilometres of my property?

  • How does this influence the expected price for my property?

  • What sales strategy will you use to sell my property and maximise the price?

  • Please explain the advantages and disadvantages of various sales methods, such as a private sale, auction and sale by a fixed date.

  • How will you justify the asking price to an interested buyer?

  • How do you deal with low initial offers on my property?

  • What is your agencies point of difference?

  • What has your real estate agency sold recently in the area?

  • If you have qualified buyers on your database, why are charging me upfront for advertising expenses?

  • Provide at least 3 referrals for your business and sales capability, from recent sales.

  • Who is your major competitor in the area?

  • If the final sales price is less than you quoted, will you reduce your commission?

  • What is the average time to sell my property?

  • Will you accept a 30-day Exclusive Agency Agreement, as opposed to a 60 - 90 day period?

Make sure that the agent submits the answers to the above questions in writing. This is a great way to compare agent’s submissions, and decide on the most appropriate agent to sell your property. Rank the agents from 1 to 3, and identify the best agent to sell your property.


If you are thinking of selling, then now is a great time to plan the sale, to ensure the best sale price and outcome for your business, or investment. How do you take time out of running a business to do all this as well? Wouldn’t you like an expert to do it for you?

Call the Intercommercial Property Group. They will provide advice and help you select the best agent to sell your property. This is ideal for comparing various agents under consideration, and saving time and money in the process. This will give you peace of mind, and the confidence to make an informed decision.

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