We deliver Confident  Informed Property Decisions



Does the commercial property market feel like its shrouded in mystery, complex to navigate,

and full of vested interests? If so, Intercommercial Property can help make property and

investment decisions work for you, and deliver peace of mind.


Our trusted advice and expertise supports clients,  who need assistance with buying, renting, leasing,

selling or investing in commercial property? This includes ongoing support, guidance and understanding.

Intercommercial Property Group is a boutique independent commercial property consultancy based in Australia. We deliver tailored professional advice for office, industrial and retail property Australia-wide.

We help to educate clients, by providing the knowledge and confidence, to make informed decisions on renting, leasing, buying, selling and investing in commercial property. Essentially this helps you achieve

your goals and dreams.

Our strategies save time and money, and reduces risk and stress – with no conflicts of interest. Our independence is highly valued by all our clients.


A snapshot of our services includes:

  • commercial property reviews

  • advice on the cost of investment property, and property expenses

  • help with selling office, industrial and retail property

  • help with buying, and renting a commercial building.

​Our corporate philosophy is to help our clients grow, manage and protect their property, investment and

business interests, ensuring their prosperity. ​Essentially, we satisfy clients needs.


Our mission is to help clients reduce risk, and provide cost-effective property

and investment solutions.  The Power of Good Advice.

Testimonial - Intercommercial Property Group greatly assisted our digital business in Balwyn to achieve rental savings of $85,000 per annum. Primarily, with its advice, strategy and market research, with regard to our lease expiry in late 2020, and relocation to higher quality offices in Camberwell.    Lucas, Principle. 


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Each assignment is fully customised, from inception to
implementation, together with ongoing support.


Investing Vs. Speculating in Property

What’s the difference between investing and speculating? One is gives predictable results, and the other is gambling. Many investors make this mistake, especially at the outset of their investing careers. The key is to have a vision, set goals, be methodical, and do the market research.

There are distinct benefits of owning well leased commercial property investments are clear; secure leases (3 – 5 years), high quality tenants, fixed annual rental increases, and net rental terms. This is where the tenants are responsible for the payment of the majority of outgoings, and importantly comparatively higher returns are on offer, sometimes 5% net or higher.

The most important action, is to implement a plan, with a set of actions required to achieve your investment goal. Review the plan and actions on a regular basis to ensure you stay on track. Naturally, you will encounter obstacles along the way – be prepared to make adjustments to get in focus.

In many cases you cannot control the outcome, or peripheral events. So consider risk management as part of the investment process. It is essential to constantly be aware of outside and extraneous forces.